Paid for by the CTE Armand Velardo for Macomb County Probate Court Judge

65 Southbound Gratiot Avenue

Mount Clemens, Michigan 48043-5545

For Macomb County Probate Court Judge


1.  To ensure that the elderly and vulnerable (the developmentally disabled and the mentally ill) residents of Macomb County, and the families and individuals who take care of them, who appear before the Probate Court are properly served and treated with dignity and respect.

2. To use my background in law, estate planning, probate administration, probate litigation, tax planning, trust administration, and  accounting, to resolve cases in a fair and efficient manner, so the residents of Macomb County do not incur needless legal fees and costs when seeking the assistance of the Probate Court.    

3.  To use my abilities as a leader, motivator, and problem solver, to eliminate the conflict that exists within the Probate Court, so that the Probate Court may better serve the residents of Macomb County; this also includes listening to and working with the Public Administrators, private Conservators and Guardians, and representatives of Adult Protective Services who appear before  the Probate Court.